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Dear our prospective Guest,

The Eötvös Loránd Kollégium is placed in the heart of Szeged . From where the romantic riverside is a few minutes walk, as well as the city centre (the Kárász street and Szécheny square) is. You can also reach the Dóm square with few steps that hosts the determining summer culture program, the so called Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok. Thanks to the good location of our student dormitory, the hotels, sights and the entertainments of the town can be reached easily. In our neighbourhood many culture programs are organized. Our dormitory is the closest accommodation to the József Attila Tanulmányi és Információs Központ (Study and Information Centre) where many conferences are taken places.

Normally 2, in the summertime (July and August) 20-30 double bedroom are expecting our guests.

You can use our TV and training room, washing machines paylessly. You can also play table foosball and table tennis. We have a lecture hall that can hold 40-50 people, accessories can be provided, if wished.

We also kindly invite groups!

Booking for rooms

  • Phone/Fax:
    • 36/62/ 544-388 (caretaker)
    • 36/62/ 544-124 (reception)
    • 36/62/ 544-122 (teacher, fax)
  • E-mail:

Eötvös Loránd Kollégium
Hungary, 6725 Szeged, Tisza Lajos körút 103.
Phone: 00-36-62/ 544-122



Dear Guest,

Welcome to the student host and hotel named after Eötvös Loránd!
This information sheet gives you a hand containing the most important information for the case you can't find anybody speaking English.

  1. You've got a key which opens the room and a magnetic card which opens the entrance. Please don't store the magnetic card near other magnetic sources (like mobile phone, loudspeaker, etc.)! After you leave finally please hand down the key and the magnetic card at the reception desk. (The receptions desk is opened, nevertheless the entrance door is closed at night.)
  2. You can find the bed linen and the towel in the room. Before leaving finally please pull down the bed linen and left it on the bed.
  3. The toilets and a not separated bathroom are at the end of the aisles. Please knock the door before entering the bathroom! (You can also lock the bathroom's door if you want.) There is a washing machine in the bathroom, you can use it payless (washing powder not included).
  4. There is one fridge for every two rooms. Please don't leave anything in the fridge when you moved out finally!
  5. You can cook and wash up the dishes in the kitchen (at the end of the aisles). (Washing-up liquid is included.)
  6. The TV room is at the ground floor beside the reception. You can see the channels list hanging on the wall.
  7. You can park in front of the hotel. On weekdays from 8:00 p.m. until 18:00 a.m. you have to buy a parking ticket, otherwise you will be punished or your car will be towed. Other times the parking is free.
  8. No smoking in the hotel. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building. The only smoking area is in front of the entrance door.
  9. There is free internet connection in every room.

We are looking forward seeing you in our hotel again!

Have a nice stay in Szeged and in our hotel!

Eötvös Loránd Kollégium
Hungary, 6725 Szeged, Tisza Lajos körút 103.
Phone: 00-36-62/ 544-122